Thatching Workshop 6-7-2014

Thatching Workshop 6-7-2014

Thatching Workshop 6-7-2014 150 150 Strawbale Studio

Making a lashed thatching frame.


Japanese Square Lashing Knot

During this Introductory Thatching Workshop the principles of thatching were taught in a classroom session. We also toured the thatched buildings on site, learned the Japanese Square Lashing Knot and constructed a lashed A-frame.


Camila, Edward, Ian and Ruthie 

We attached several bundles of Phragmite Reed Grass to the frame: the base layer was lashed on, and the first surface layer was held down to the first purlin with a sway – attached using a wooded needle and stainless steel wire. The reed were then shaped and tamped up with a legget.  Students received a number of handouts to take home as well as a google doc containing details of the process and a link to a classic thatching book available online: The Thatchers’ Craft.  Check it out !