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Foraged Brunch at the Strawbale Studio

Foraged Brunch at the Strawbale Studio

150 150 Strawbale Studio

The Foraged Brunch on May 17 was a very full and fun time.  Funfulling? Fullfunning?

We explored the lawns and gardens finding and tasting ox eye daisy, dandelion, curly dock, stinging nettle, perennial lovage, wild chives, violet leaves and flowers, and such.  We made up a wonderful salad from them, using honey mustard dressing, which really tastes great with the flavor of the greens.    Then we cooked up an omelet on the outdoor Rocket Stove Cooker ! The eggs from neighbor Dave & Dorindas eggs (from “the girls”, as they put it. )were combined with the the Morel and Dyrad’s Saddle and Shiitake mushrooms we found that day…along with many of the greens.  OH YEAH!  Good eating!  Good time.

See the 2 minute video created by Intern Justin Holmes: