Earth Day 2014 in Rochester, Michigan

Earth Day 2014 in Rochester, Michigan

150 150 Strawbale Studio



Ap Strawbale Studio Exhibit Tent. Ruthie in the foreground, Turtle Oven in the background.



April 26 – 28, 2014, the Strawbale Studio had an exhibit booth at the Earth Day Fest, with books to browse & buy, models to see & touch, workshop & activity handouts, and a place to sign up for the Strawbale Studio listserve.  Great interest from people all three days !


Mmmm. The Turtle oven is warm, and the baked cookies are sweet !

Dawn and Intern Ruthie fired up the “Traveling Turtle Earth Oven, and baked fresh cookies & cheese nachos to share with fair folks.



Jumping & crawling on the Strawbale Climb !

The Strawbale Climb area for the kids provided such fun. These lovely local bales are from Johnnie Spezias’ farm in Leonard !       More pictures: Earth Day 2014