1-2 week apprenticeship with Gregg Brazel in Detroit

The project description is at http://ehrlum.com/vbmg/
Feel free to copy/paste anything from that page you like !

plans are at http://ehrlum.com/vbmg/vbmg-dwgs.pdf

here are a couple of images if you want any for your post

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An informal apprenticeship helping with the build of a charitable project in Pontiac where you can learn conventional western carpentry, traditional Japanese joinery, layout, and proper tool handling and care.  I do architectural design and model using SketchUp and can provide an overview of how the program works if you’re interested in exploring it (highly recommended for anyone interested in any type of design; free version available online).

There will be a bit of timber frame work as well as conventional framing and natural finishes on this project.  Phase I construction will include the torii (gate), pergola, and swing, beginning on or around May 2 and finishing as soon as possible (1-2 weeks) depending on work schedules and weather.  I enjoy teaching and will share the knowledge I have and am forthright about what I don’t know but am learning (a continual process).

Apprentice must be keenly interested in working and learning and be able to put in at least four rigorous hours on their feet and easily lift up to 50 pounds.  I’m very focused when working and need to stay on task for both productivity and safety, so please inquire only if you are on board with this approach.

There is no wage paid for this apprenticeship, but lunch will be provided.  Lodging is available for one to two nights if that is helpful.

Project description and link to drawings are at http://ehrlum.com/vbmg/

Contact Gregg for more info.  Thanks for your interest.