Outside Oxford, MI. 1 hr north of Detroit !    Joyfully reweaving people and nature. 
Come . . . build skills,  harvest & use local resources,  network & learn ! 


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Featured Classes

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May 10               Full Moon POTLUCK combined with the PERMACULTURE Meetup

MAY 13                 AGRO-FOREST PERMABLITZ + Earth Oven Pizza

MAY 14               FORAGED BRUNCH   (see the VIDEO)


JUNE                   INTERN & WORKTRADE (also see July through September below)

JULY 1 – 9,         9 Day  Natural Building SKILL BUILDER Intensive

July 29          Bio Char Workshop – class & hands-on  Sat 1-5p 

AUGUST 5 & 6  EARTH OVEN WORKSHOP at Wild Apple Farm, Dexter, MI (rescheduled)



Attend one month or more. A great opportunity to learn skills, live in community and be with nature !  Join in the crew as an Intern, 1/2 Pay Worktrader or WWoofer/ Poosher. Each month will included a mix of resilient living & natural building skills, community outreach,  gardening & grounds.

  • MAY INTERNSHIP  / 1/2 Pay Work Trade / Wwoof   
  • JUNE INTERNSHIP  / 1/2 Pay Work Trade / Wwoof
  • JULY  INTERNSHIP & 1/2 Pay Work Trade only          
  • AUGUST INTERNSHIP / 1/2 Pay Work Trade / Wwoof
  • JANUARY 2018 WINTERNSHIP  1/2 Pay Work Trade only
    The Program will be s
    imilar to previous years:

Natural Building helps us connect again to our local natural environment, to our own intuitive and innate creativity, and to each other. It helps us to shift from an industrial, and often toxic building process to one that is affordable, empowering, community-building and life-affirming. We are co-creating ~ learning to dance in balance with nature

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Additional Opportunities around the world

Building balecob in Vermont… summer, 2017
Mark Bowers writes: We finally acquired some land in Bridgewater, Vermont, and will be building our cozy balecob cottage this summer. We are completely off-grid, but will have some solar power available. Composting toilets, clean spring water, 30+ acres of our land abutting 100’s of acres of woods, hills, mountains?, streams, etc. Camping available on site and limited space in the home we’re renting (10-12 minutes from build site). Most of our food is local from the Rutland Farmers Market–raw milk, fresh cheese, eggs, and everything else including chaga. If you want more details, email me or check out our build on http://www.thepoosh.org/buildprojectmap   (hint: we’re the only project in Vermont, “Bowers Homestead 2017”).

Cob Building Project in Spain, spring & summer 2016 (2017, too?)
: Call for volunteers
Contact Robert ralcock at clientes.euskaltel.es.

Spring & summer 2017 ~ Ionia Community in ALASKA is seeking 8 dedicated volunteers:  applying finish plasters; installing ceiling boards and natural insulation; building two rocket mass heaters; timber framing bannisters and building big barn doors. They need a cadre of serious natural builders to join our teams, and all levels of experience are welcome. If we are compatible, we hope for a six week – 3 month commitment, beginning in May. Please contact me or Ann at longhouse@ionia.org if you are interested in this once in a lifetime experience!