Outside Oxford, MI. 1 hr north of Detroit !    Joyfully reweaving people and nature. 
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Natural Building helps us connect again to our local natural environment, to our own intuitive and innate creativity, and to each other. It helps us to shift from an industrial, and often toxic building process to one that is affordable, empowering, community-building and life-affirming. We are co-creating ~ learning to dance in balance with nature

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Additional Opportunities around the world

January to Spring 2019. Cat (seacat.cg@gmail.com) is looking for volunteers for an amazing build in Texas and Migel/Adriana (kamefg@gmail.com) is open to volunteers in Mexico. There are probably plenty more if you sign up to THEPOOSH.org where folks can post their builds and be a listed volunteer too.
Cat is looking for volunteers for an amazing build in Texas and Migel/Adriana is open to volunteers in Mexico around the time you are seeking.  I have cc’ed them both above.

October 25 – 31, 2018.  7 Day Plaster Course by expert in Japanese plastering ~ Kyle Holtzhueter !  Held at Emerald Earth Community, Boonville, CA.

The The Endeavour Centre in Ontario, Canada, is offering 2 outstanding programs in 2018:

  • Natural Building Intensive – Though we do lots of work with natural materials, this is the first time we’re offering a natural building intensive. This one-month course will give participants a chance to construct two small buildings from foundation to finish, and gain experience with just about every natural material/strategy available in this part of the world. http://endeavourcentre.org/2018/01/natural-building-intensive/
  • Sustainable Renovations – We’re expanding the successful model of our five-month, full-time Sustainable New Construction program, but giving participants the chance to focus on making a net zero energy, net zero carbon, zero toxin and zero waste renovation to an urban lane way garage to turn it into healthy and efficient living space. http://endeavourcentre.org/programs/sustainable-renovations-course/


  • Summer 2018~ Ionia Community in ALASKA is seeking 8 dedicated volunteers:






Cob and Natural Building Extravaganza!

by Seven Fires Foudation/Cob Cottage Company   July 6 though July 15, 2018 in Oregon, USA

Cob Building Project in Spain, spring & summer 2016 (2017 and 2018, too?): Call for volunteers
Contact Robert ralcock at clientes.euskaltel.es.

Building balecob in Vermont… summer, 2017 (2018, too?) 
Mark Bowers writes: We finally acquired some land in Bridgewater, Vermont, and will be building our cozy balecob cottage this summer. We are completely off-grid, but will have some solar power available. Composting toilets, clean spring water, 30+ acres of our land abutting 100’s of acres of woods, hills, mountains?, streams, etc. Camping available on site and limited space in the home we’re renting (10-12 minutes from build site). Most of our food is local from the Rutland Farmers Market–raw milk, fresh cheese, eggs, and everything else including chaga. If you want more details, email me or check out our build on http://www.thepoosh.org/buildprojectmap   (hint: we’re the only project in Vermont, “Bowers Homestead 2017”).

Gregg Brazel is offering an apprenticeship in Detroit starting in May 2018 if possible.  Help building a Tori Gateway for a charitable group and learn Japanese timber frame techniques and conventional carpentry and tool sharpening.  Details.