Strawbale Studio

Joyfully connecting people & nature

Re-localize, Re-skill, Re-connect !

(on-site classes temporarily on hold due to Covid)

Sustainable Practices on the land: Rocket Stoves, Earth Oven, Thatched Strawbale structures, living roofs, agro-forest & more. Strawbale Studio is a place to learn ways of connecting to the land and to other people through the process of foraging natural materials, building & gardening.

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SUGGEST PROGRAMING you would love to see provided during Covid.
Perhaps something online for your group such as Designing a Strawbale Structure or Home.  How to make and fire an Earth Oven.  Designing an Eco-Community.
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2021 UPCOMING EVENTS ~Mushroom Log Inoculation, Earth Day Festival, Earth Oven, Youth Tours & Classes, Thatching, Strawbale & Earth Plaster.  Crafting Series. These and more are in the process of being scheduled.  Get on the Email List if you wish !



Web-based interactive Learning Sessions are planned to start soon, as a way to learn and connect about natural building! Join the listserve to get updates /check website.

  • Strawbale Construction Principles & Design
  • Sculpting with Earth
  • Nutrient Cycling where we live
  • Social Ecology ~  Connecting People & Nature
  • Foraging from Nature & Crafting

INTERN & WORKTRADE are on temporary hold.  There may be some openings starting in May.

  • Join the listserve for updates.
  • See program descriptions
  • Check back on the website
  • contact Deanne
  • consider filling out brief application.
Attend one month or more. A great opportunity to learn skills, live in community and be with nature !  Join in the crew as an Intern, 1/2 Pay Worktrader or WWoofer/ Poosher. Each month will included a mix of resilient living & natural building skills, community outreach,  gardening & grounds.

“Your natural buildings were a huge inspiration to us for all the times we were able to stay with you and your folks, and helped inform our ideas of what we wanted. That we able to feel and touch what we could do, to really get our hands, hearts, and minds involved was incredible. Not to mention your folks’ solar cooker and haybox meals were a huge inspiration to the kinds of cooking we will be doing!”   T. S.  2019   

Natural Building helps us connect again to our local natural environment, to our own intuitive and innate creativity, and to each other. It helps us to shift from an industrial, and often toxic building process to one that is affordable, empowering, community-building and life-affirming.

We are co-creating ~ learning to dance in balance with nature